Degree In Engineering Online – Benefits Of Earning A Degree Online

January 28th, 2009

Choosing the right vehicle for education is just as important as choosing the right career. If this sounds a little strange then consider if the learning environment is suspect, how will this impact on your ability to gain a degree worth the paper it’s written on?

An online engineering degree is one where the learning environment needs to be extremely proficient. Engineering is a profession continuing to grow in stature and one of the good things about this is you have the ability to branch off and choose a specialized area.

With the reputation of some online learning facilities under scrutiny, spending some time in this selection phase is a good idea. In the meantime, decide what area of engineering you want to pursue. There are many to choose from and with engineering types in good demand, the prospects of getting a running start in your employment career later on are bright.

Engineering degrees online have grown in popularity with the growth of the internet. Many adults now have the opportunity to re-visit education on a more personal level and learning and earning a degree online gives them this opportunity.

Engineering Levels

Almost any entry-level engineering career will require a Bachelor’s degree, but an online engineering degree can be a Master’s degree as well, or even a Doctorate. However, the majority of distance learning colleges focus on graduate degrees in engineering, as most of the hands-on education is performed during undergraduate studies.

There are also certificates available in very specialized, very advanced fields, including aerospace engineering, automotive engineering, agricultural engineering, petroleum engineering, ocean engineering, biomedical engineering, mining engineering, nuclear engineering and environmental engineering. In fact, there is probably an online engineering degree available for any engineering dream imaginable.

Engineering is divided into two main branches that include civil engineering and materials engineering, where engineers work with anything from polymers to metals. The other specializations fall underneath these two categories.

For example, aerospace engineers design aircraft, while computer engineers work with software and hardware. With an online engineering degree, engineers can even work in management or as engineering inspectors. Job growth in the field of engineering is expected to continue upward through at least 2014.

Consequently, there has never been a better time to consider an degree in engineering online for those individuals who are math and science minded. Starting salaries range from $43,000 to $85,000, and there are well over one million engineers working around the world on any number of varied projects.

The government alone funds countless engineering projects, spending almost one billion dollars annually just as nanotechnological research, development and application, the true stuff of science fiction.

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