Being Sat At A Desk Throughout The Day Doesn’t Need To Be An Awful Bind

July 4th, 2010

There are many upsides for those of us who have Online Jobs which aren’t explained in the original job description. At this time of the year, I can look out of my office window and see 4 tall conifer trees, each of which contains a large number of nesting birds. Pigeons, magpies, tits and finches all manage to share out a bit of tree and I can watch the comings and goings of the parents as they carry food to the nests. During the spring I was able to view them continually bringing twigs, grasses and feathers to weave the nest prior to laying the eggs. There are also 2 pigeons who have been together for years and spend hours chasing each other on the fence running along the side of the garden. I don’t have a need for Kate Humble, I’ve got my own personal Springwatch!

I’m used to being employed by an Internet Business having done so for something like four years. This has meant that I’m in the happy band of people who Work From Home and am able to enjoy all the upsides that brings. For instance, as well as saving a great deal of money by not being required to journey to work, a knock on effect is that as I rarely drive often, my motor insurance premium dropped considerably when I came to renew it. And another upside looms as the World Cup gets ever nearer.

4 years ago I was working in a call centre and when the afternoon matches were on in Germany, we had plasma screen TV’s showing the matches, and people were allowed to move their stuff closer to the screens if they were able to. When England played Trinidad in their one afternoon match of the group stages, we were anticipating it as everyone was certain we’d pretty much be quiet enough to watch the macth as everyone else would be as well and so not wanting to call in to query their credit cards. How wrong we were! It seemed as if customers who didn’t care about matters of High Civilisation had paused until the match started as if they knew what was happening at the other end of the phone. We were flat out as we would rarely be during an afternoon.

This time around it’s in South Africa, and uncommonly, the matches are to be played in United Kingdom for the 2nd tournament in a row. Ordinarily following a tournament in Europe, the subsequent one would be across the Atlantic or in Asia. And this time it is ideal. Now I Work From Home, the hours I spend at work is not regimented, which means I can take a break for a match, return to work and go on with what I was doing until the next match. Like many Online Jobs, mine means that I am able make up the periods I miss for the football by either beginning earlier in the morning or going on later into the evening than I would usually do.

An Internet Business is able to work around almost any situation, though some will obviously not be as flexible because they will have things which are required at parts of or all times of the day, but I am very fortunate in that this no longer applies to me. I always used to feel jealous of people such as writers, performers and painters who weren’t tied to a time or place but would still be able to work and make time for watching sport and other occasions live. Now I seem to have joined their number to some extend and I aim to grab it to its maximum extent while trying to keep in mind that in doing so I am very fortunate. Ooh, Wimbledon!

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