As Women Account For A Large Proportion Of Management Roles Organisations Need To Be More Flexible To Retain Their Skills

December 2nd, 2009

More and more females are reaching management positions in today’s organisations and have an massive amount to provide in terms of their skills and abilities. It is therefore important that organizations are flexible in their employment offering to permit these people to continue to contribute whilst fitting in other responsibilities that come along such as children or the care of elderly relatives.

Normally, the larger corporate organizations have lead the way in this area with the likes of BT and Aviva giving staff the opportunity to Work From Home, or work very flexibly so that they can keep on provide their very valuable contribution. These larger organizations have understood that it is far better to retain highly trained and skilled staff by offering some flexibility than to loose the employee altogether by being too inflexible. It is comparatively easy for an individual to work from home these days due to the ever improving technology, and this can frequently give that all important flexibility to someone who may require easy access to their child’s nursery for example. By investing in systems that allow the flexibility these larger firms have saved themselves vast amounts of money in recruitment and re-training costs, avoided as the needs of the individual are provided for.

In actual fact these savings are the tip of the ice berg in terms of cost reductions for flexible working. Often organisations who do allow flexi time, work from home opportunities and part time working will see that they are able to keep operating costs much lower as their buildings are used round the clock and employee space is public.

It is now vital that the smaller organizations start to accept these methods of operating too so that they can take advantage of the benefits seen by the larger organizations. It is sometimes trickier to permit flexibility in smaller organizations as smaller teams are stretched when members need to decrease their hours. However often by merely talking about the issues with the team they will unearth some very useful compromises, perhaps one team member has the ability to work an extra few hours per week for a period. Perhaps an ex colleague who had to leave to look after their child can come back on board on a part time basis and allow another team member to work part time too. There are a lot of solutions to these issues and by offering flexibility the business is highly regarded by staff.

Internet Business is probably the best placed to ensure that female workers are provided for and it may well be the next to obtain the rewards of flexibility following in the footstepsof the large corporates. By it’s nature it can be carried out a lot of the time from any site therefore being ideal for home workers and staff who need to work flexibly. The upcoming number of Online Jobs will be a great assist in ensuring that the talented and skilled women in business currently have a career path to take that will allow them to fit in some of their other responsibilities and that in turn will make the workplace as a whole a richer place as talent is put to use as opposed to being laid to waste.

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