An Assortment Of Positions That Are Perfect For Gamers

June 15th, 2010

Gaming, over the years, has become increasingly popular. Once pictured as a hobby for geeky teenagers, it is now enjoyed by people of all ages and can be suitable for the whole family. With gaming becoming so popular, people are no longer as hesitant to reveal their interest in it, and due to this, the gaming industry has went through substantial improvements. Careers in the games industry have never been so sought after and they keep on expanding. If you’re looking for New Careers and have a keen interest in games, there is a lot on offer for you to decide from, allowing you to find a suitable role that you can enjoy.

So you’ve perhaps decided you now want to put your knowledge in games to use and are wondering what Career Choices are available. Well you’ll be thrilled to know that the variety of Careers for gamers can provide for all levels of skills and abilities. The first position we will be summarising, is games testers.

Games testers work to assure the quality of a project, looking for any glitches or mistakes in the game and its controls. For a number of people, these Careers can be a dream come true, as you could be spending most of your working day playing the game with the aim of finding the faults. There is a small amount of written work needed too, as you will need to supply details of the glitches and how to repeat it. There are no strict qualifications needed for these positions, just having decent GCSEs or equal is generally enough, the main thing they are searching for is that you have a good eye for detail and can tolerate games for long periods.

If playing games all day seems a bit too extreme for you, you could always consider New Careers as a games reviewer. These places would be for a magazine or website and you would be doing audio, video or written reviews. These Career Choices have some nice benefits as you sometimes get to play new titles before their release and you can play them in a relaxed state, rather than in search of faults. Of course you wouldn’t be spending all day on games, most of your work would be writing your articles and reviews. Again, qualifications aren’t usually required, though having good English grades can be beneficial and perhaps having a portfolio with some examples of your work to show you are right for the job.

To conclude, although questionable as Career Choices, the last role we will be talking about is professional gamers. Some may not regard these as real Careers, but those who make it are certainly making a living out of it. Although it isn’t simple to make it as a professional, if you believe you are up to the task you should start by finding local gaming clubs and competitions to enter and steadily climb your way up from there. The bonuses of becoming a professional are of course making a living simply by following your hobby and you’d possibly never have to find New Careers again if you are really successful.

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