A Rewarding Time Working Jobs At AppleCare

August 23rd, 2010

Apple is a name that just about everyone recognises. It has developed tremendously over the years, turning out to be successful not just in the computer industry, but in mp3 players, phones and others. Apple started with the development of the macintosh computer, and although they are popular and a pleasant change from the dominant Windows operating system, it was surely the iPod that set off the great explosion in popularity. With a lot of excellent and trendy devices now on offer there has to be a tremendous customer support team to back them up, and that is where Careers in AppleCare come in. Apple’s customer service is usually thought of among the best, possibly even worthy of the leading spot. If you’re interested in New careers in technical help and customer service then AppleCare is surely worth a look.

The focal Careers we will be referring to today are the AppleCare contact centre Advisors. If you had troubles with an Apple product, you can call through to this number to get support and advice. There are different positions obtainable depending on what area you want to deal with. There is a team devoted to looking after any Mac related issues, these advisors cover a massive range of issues, simply put, if you have difficulties with a Mac computer, they will do what they can to solve it. This might be quite an appealing job for people who enjoy working with computers and what sets this apart from other contact centre jobs, is the fact that Apple customers love their computers and it’s very uncommon to find a customer who is angry. If computers aren’t for you, then the iPhone support team deals with the iPhones, iPods and the new iPads. With them being mobile devices, they’re a bit more common than the Macs so this team does get a little busier, but the products are a lot easier to support, needing a lot less technical know how.

What’s brilliant about these Career ideas is that you just need simple technical knowledge to begin, if you actually have an interest in the products you will have a good chance to be employed and take on extensive training so that you can offer full support. If you do choose to go for one of these New careers then you’ll also want to know what development options you have on offer. Fortunately there is a lot on offer here, usually you would begin by advancing into a dual role, keep up with your technical role but also taking on some coaching duties and assisting the management team. If successful here you can think about becoming either a trainer to prepare new agents or look into entering the management team. As a manager you can then opt to stay in the call centre and become an operations manager or decide to move into higher positions within the Apple team. There are numerous Career ideas accessible in Apple that you can look to progress to, the Apple stores have a lot of great positions available and are excellent steps in these Careers. Any person who has an interest in Apple and their products can experience these positions, as long as you have an enthusiasm to learn and provide top notch customer service.

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