A Look At Career Choices And New Careers That Have Developed From The Substantial Growth Of The Games Industry.

April 8th, 2010

The games industry has seen a massive growth over the past 20 years, and the number of Careers linked to it also. There are lots of Careers these days coupled with the gaming industry. If you are considering Career choices within the gaming industry, then you surely have a lot of Careers to think about.

The games industry is on the whole said to have begun in 1972, when Atari released Pong. Pong is recognised as the first commercially successful video game. It was designed by one man, Allan Alcorn, as a part of a training exercise. In those early days, games quite often where worked on by one individual, or very small teams of two or three people. To think just one individual could take up all of the ‘Careers’ linked with games development! Today the list of Career choices available is vast. The money involved as well has altered significantly. Pong ‘home edition’ sold a very respectable 150,000 units over the first holiday season it was on sale. Compare this with the mammoth of modern gaming, the much-hyped Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. This game sold an amazing 4.7 million copies in the first 24 hours of release alone. The amount of revenue for the games first day sales totalled a staggering $310million. So, as you can tell, the games industry really has grown a great deal, and is expected to continue to grow, so if you are contemplating New careers, the games industry is certainly a good place to look.

Within the games industry, all sorts of New careers have arisen from the advancing technologies that have let the industry to grow the way it has. Some examples include: 3D animator, character artist, story board artist, hardware manager, A.I. developer, software programmer, quality assurance engineer, network engineer and texture artist to label but a few. Of course, these Careers lean a lot towards artistic flair or strongly developed programming skills. There are some Careers which do not ask for such skills. The companies developing the games employ big workforces and as such will need human resource people and the like to keep the place running smoothly. Of course, there are the marketing Careers to think about as well.

If you are to actually take on a career within the games industry, do not expect to just be linked to that one particular job. Quite often individuals working within companies are multi-skilled, and will be expected to take up other tasks as part of their job. So, for example, a level designer may have to do some programming or character work. The motivation for this is the individuals developing the games are typically quite close individuals, so everyone should be able to work well together and to the best of their abilities.

As a result of the development of the games industry, Universities and Colleges have begun recently offering courses intended to help people prepare for the different Career choices within the games industry. One thing to think about with these courses though. They all are fairly new, and as such may not be fully equipped or prepared to help you get the best training possible to get yourself work within the games industry. Ensure you fully research beforehand precisely what the course offers you, and how it links to what companies are searching for. Hard work and good research will best prepare you for work in this stimulating industry.

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