A Guide On Becoming A Teaching Assistant, And What You Ought To Expect To Gain From This Somewhat Challenging But Fulfilling Role.

June 16th, 2010

A Teaching Assistant is an individual who assists a teacher within a class in different ways. There are a few different kinds and levels of teaching assistant Careers available, and here we are going to look at some of them. I have done some research on becoming a teaching assistant as it has been one of my Career ideas for a while now, and I have also completed a course and achieved a level two qualification. Here I wish to share my own experiences and findings when searching for New careers linked with this role, to see if I can aid people who might be considering this amongst other Career ideas.

There are 3 levels to the Teaching Assistant qualification, each increase supplying you with a greater chance at getting a job. Only acquiring the level 1 qualification won’t give you much chance of finding a job as a teaching assistant – make sure you aim for at least the level 2 course, but always go for the level 3 course if you have the opportunity. I had to select the level 2 course as at the time I did the course as the level 3 was not available in my area. I do fairly often see advertised Teaching Assistant roles that only require level2. Level 3 however, will of course increase your chances, open up access to jobs that ask for level 3, and also support a bigger wage.

When becoming a Teaching Assistant, it is worth observing that a lot of the work offered is working with children with special educational needs, as these are the areas where the additional help is most likely going to be required. The advantage of this is that these Teaching Assistants do typically get paid more than a Teaching Assistant that is working in a standard mainstream class. However, the job is slightly more taxing as you can end up having to handle more difficult situations. Having experienced it myself though, I would say it is definitely worthwhile – for my course the work experience I undertook was within a schools special educational needs class, and while I did find it demanding, it was also good fun, and the children were fun to work with, if sometimes difficult! Teaching assistants normally work in primary schools, but can also work in secondary schools, and higher education establishments such as colleges and 6th form schools.

Once you become a Teaching Assistant, your average beginning wage will be around

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