4 Options for Nursing Jobs Which Are Outside Hospitals

September 11th, 2009

A line of work marked by its ever-rising shortage, nursing has begun to sense the blow of the rise of unemployment. As they finish their coursework, many nursing students are fearful and apprehensive about coming across their first job. With hiring freezes and a flood of more skilled nurses vying for entry level jobs because they have been down-sized, the search for employment has become another hurdle in the lives of nursing students. However, this may be because of where nursing students are searching.
many people presume that hospitals or doctors’ offices are the best places to find jobs. Truthfully since this is where many others will start out, your chances lessen to find a job you’d want. You’d be astounded at the variety of businesses and corporations that need nurses as part of their team.
Insurance Corporations. Visit any major insurance company’s website and you’ll see many occupations calling for a nursing degree. Specifically, case management is one of these categories. A case manager reviews a member’s clinical requirements and authorizes the required services. For example, if a member’s daughter was suffering from an eating disorder and sought after residential treatment, a case manager would be called by the admissions group from the desired facility. The case manager is responsible for evaluating that this is the suitable facility and continues to keep an eye on the patient’s progress while subsequently authorizing more treatment if needed.
Medical writing. If you are a talented writer and have a nursing degree, you can carry over your capabilities to a freelance writing career. Magazines are always looking for articles written by experts and would value submissions on a variety of topics. From a nurse’s outlook on hospital infrastructure to the best ways to care for a newborn infant, informational articles sell rapidly when they feature any health-related subject. Articles are paid per word or on a per-article fee basis. Freelance writing can also enhance a part-time income.
Pharmaceutical sales. Nurses are required in this industry to educate and promote new and existing products to their colleagues in the medical field. Jobs at companies selling medical equipment and drugs call for nurses to travel all over the map as well has an increasing product base. Opportunities for this type of employment can be found by conducting an internet search of pharmaceutical companies and searching their job postings.
Government and legal arena. National, state and city government also is looking to hire nurses. Whether to assist a government funded pre-natal care program to collaborating with the State Department of Health, careers for nurses are available. Government careers allow nurses to progress and take a more educational approach and benefit from a change of pace.
Hopefully the job search seems a little less dire when bearing in mind all the innovative and overlooked opportunities employment is discovered. More jobs can be found in other fields not referred to in this article such as schools, prisons and medical answering services. Don’t be afraid to break away from the pack and be considerate of others. Good luck job hunting! While you’re looking around for that career you might see healthcare professionals wearing cheap urbane scrubs including urbane pants and urbane scrub pants.

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