Job Development For Medical Workers With Pharmaceutical Training

October 23rd, 2009

Medical assistant career opportunities are one of the professions in the United States that has a high employment growth. It is predicted that there will be a need for more medical assistants up to 2012 according to statistics from the department of labour. The reason why medical assistant careers are on the rise is because of the constant advances of the field of medicine, the ever increasing and aging population and the development and growth of practices, health care service facilities, clinics and hospitals.

The need for additional personnel is very much needed to meet the demands, most especially with the medical assistant careers that are able to handle both clinical and administrative procedures and tasks. There are many places a medical assistant can work including a clinic, hospital or physician’s surgery and their work goes towards the organisation and efficient running of their place of work. The state that the medical assistant is working in will determine their exact duties, as will the type of facility they are employed at.

Some of the tasks involved in the administrative side of medical assisting include book keeping, billing patients, communicating on the telephone, booking appointments, handling insurance documents and organising laboratory tests.

The clinical roles can be limited depending on what state the worker is in. Some of the tasks include helping patients to get ready for examinations or procedures, taking a detailed medical history of the patient, recording vital signs and telling patients what to expect during their procedures. They might also deal with laboratory samples, sterilize medical instruments and disposing of used supplies.

Medical assistants can also give details on the medications of a patient and special diets. Medical assistants can also deal with the medications of patients when directed by a doctor and telephone prescriptions to the pharmacy. Before they can do this they must be given pharmaceutical training.

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