It Is Now Possible To Undertake Most Areas Of Our Life Without Leaving Our House

March 17th, 2010

Do you have a mobile phone and access to the worldwide web via a laptop? Then you have the facility to shop and Work From Home, meaning that if you so desired, you would hardly be required to leave the house!

With increases in Internet Business activity, there arelots of Online Jobs to pick, lots of which give the option to Work From Home. On top of that, there are sites for most high street shops, and also a lot of shops which are only available on the internet. Even supermarkets have got involved in this business and for a small fee will put together your web based grocery shopping and deliver it to your house at a time to suit you.

My General Practitioners’ surgery has a service whereby it is possible to have a telephone appointment with your general practitioner, so if it is information or assurance you need, rather than an actual surgery meeting with your general practitioner, this can be accommodated, so it is even possible to talk with a general practitioner, without leaving the home.

There are mobile hairdressers and beauticians who will visit you in your own house, so again it is not necessary to move from the house to benefit from these services. I am not aware, however, of dental practices that do a home service, so it would be necessary to leave the comfort of your house to keep your teeth looked after. Similarly, opticians would need you to visit them as far as I am aware.

We are fortunate to be a two car family, but we find that we very rarely use both cars now. We Work From Home and are therefore not travelling in different directions each day, when we do need to go anywhere, it is normally together, so one car suffices. Quite recently we both used our cars all the time, and thought of two cars as a necessity, but this is no longer true, showing that because we have Online Jobs, our lifestyles have changed quite significantly.

For individuals who cannot leave home, for whatever reason, be it disability, illness, or any other cause, the increase in Internet Business must be a real benefit for them! Their grocery shopping can take place on the internet and be delivered to their home, they can buy clothes and shoes, gifts, flowers, whatever they want on the web and even have their purchase delivered directly to the recipient’s address whether that be their own property or some other address far away.

There are also a lot of internet learning courses available, meaning that while at home, learning can take place, so if for instance you are for now out of work, for however short a period of time, and whatever the cause of this, studying ready for returning to the workforce can be undertaken. In fact, if you enjoyed web based studying, it might lead to looking for Online Jobs at the end of this period.

It will be exciting, therefore, to see what changes in our lifestyles, as a nation, happen over the next 10 to 15 years. Will we all be spending a greater amount of time in the home and less time out and about?

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