Interviewing Suggestions To Help You Land That Important Job in a Difficult Economy

August 5th, 2009

With a great number of people out of work, it has created the highest unemployment rates that this nation has experienced since the era of the great depression. With so many adults unemployed , it has caused unusually large numbers of applicants for available jobs. When a business is hiring they typically get so many people applying for the job, they don’t know how to handle the large numbers. This article will give tips on how to get that job and beat out the rest of the competition during the job interview with things like what to wear for the interview to having resumes and business cards professionally printed out in addition to following up the interview with postcards or letters.

The first suggestion for being well prepared for a job interview is to have a clean, professional appearance no matter what kind of work you are going for. Having a clean , neat professional hair style and to have neatly trimmed or no facial hair for men gives a good professional appearance. Two other things that interviewers notice about individuals are their smiles and their hands. Many Americans make quick judgments about people regarding their hygiene. It does not seem right that a person may be judged on these things but they are absolute deal breakers in such a cut throat market.

The second important part of presenting yourself the best you can be for your job interview is to put on the correct clothing for the interview. If it is a job that is in a corporate office setting then a suit for both men and women is the optimal selection . Neutral shades of navy, black or gray are all smart choices but not at all required . If budget is a concern , wait for a big sale at a large department store or go to a upscale consignment shop where you can get a designer suit for a lot less. Either way, be certain you have the suit tailored to correctly fit your body. If you are a youthful twenty something you may wish to add a youthful flair in either your tie selection or your blouse or shoes for a woman . Just because you are interviewing for employment , does not mean you have to look like a 60 year old librarian.

Once your outside appearance is complete, be certain to have a professional looking resume to present to the employer at an interview in addition to a list of references. Offer the resume even if they mention that a finished application is fine as it will show your professionalism. If you are unsure of how to produce a strong resume that will stand out, you may choose to hire a resume service to assist you with your finished product.

Practice a pretend interview with a family member using a strong handshake and great eye contact. The greater times you practice, the more comfortable you will be in the actual interview. Give the person interviewing you the impression that they would be fortunate to have you without coming off overly confident .

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