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March 28th, 2009

Okay, everyone understands that there are a lot of stages to having a successful interview and that Interview Tips can make the difference between getting a job and letting yourself down at interview. To begin with you have to make sure that you have undertaken research on the businesses you are thinking about sending your CV to. In this way you can tailor the look and feel of your CV to all of the places applied to. You must make sure that you remember what you have written on your CV because when it comes to the interview you may discover you are asked about some of the stuff you have put down in your CV. Make sure that before you go for interview that you have sorted out an outfit that presents you in the most positive light for the role, cleaned shoes, and tidy hair. If you are not sure of where the job is based, for example say the Jobs in Bournemouth its worth looking it up using something like Google maps to work out your route and if you can driving the route before you go for interview so that you have some idea how long the journey will take and then allow yourself extra time to get there. Make sure that you know who you should meet when you arrive at the interview and if you can who will be taking you for your interview. Last but not least before you leave your home make sure you gather together all of the paperwork and information that they have requested in a tidy pile ready for the following day.

Once you arrive at the place where you are getting your interview, be polite and let whoever it is you are their to meet know that you have got there by talking to the receptionist. When your interviewer gets to you stand upright and shake their hand, giving them eye contact and smiling. Make sure that you you have questions to ask about the business you are having the meeting with and that you are certain about them. Talk clearly and calmly and stay focused on what is being asked of you without getting to tense. Be truthful in your meeting and tell them exactly what skills you have or where you have worked, don’t get caught in the trap of being antagonistic about your previous employer as it will be seen as poor form. During the meeting, stay alert, upright and interested ask questions where necessary and stay focused, if there are location reasons why the job might be of benefit to make sure you make them aware why that Job in Dorset will be of benefit to you and to them. When the interview comes to a close ask the interviewer when you can expect to know about the role and make sure that if you are interested in the job that you let the interviewer know that you are very interested in being part of their team.

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