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October 5th, 2009

Hunting for the perfect job for an individual requires time, effort and knowledge.

For stress free job-hunting, every individual must first consider the following pointers before starting your job hunting process:

1. Understand what type of work you are looking for and only apply for jobs you are capable of doing. Also consider factors such as location and hours required, especially if you have family of other commitments outside of work. If you are happy with all these factors then consider making a formal application.

2. Prepare possible needed documents or career portfolio. Have several copies of your resume, transcript of records and any certifications ready for immediate submission if needed.

3. Know where to look for job postings. There are various forms that offer listing of jobs.

Jobs vacancies are commonly advertised as follows:

3.1 The internet is now one of the most common ways of finding a new job. Looking on the websites of individual companies will show if they have any openings, go onto the IKEA website for IKEA jobs and the like. is a good place to start your search as you will find lots of up to date advice and information.

Searching via the internet is generally less time consuming than making physical enquires. It is also a cheap way of job hunting.

As you can search from your home you are not having to pay for petrol, nor do you need to pay for jobs newspapers.

Newspapers are often limited to local jobs, but using the internet means you can search the entire country for your dream job.

3.2 It is still very common for job hunters to use the jobs section in their local newspaper.

Generally, a newspaper will advertise jobs which are in a small geographical area and these vacancies are updated regularly.

3.3 To view a wide range of vacancies consider visiting your local job centre, as they often have many positions advertised and can provide help and advice.

Job centres are always updating the vacancies available, so make sure you visit frequently.

3.4 Employers often advertise vacancies in specific publications, targeted at the professionals who read them, so if you are looking for a specific career make sure you read these publications.

3.5 Within the office or company notice board. Internal recruitment is common and jobs are often advertised on company notice boards, so make sure you take a look at these.

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