If You Have Been Seeking A Job For Some Time Without Any Luck, Then Here Are Several Tips To Adjust Your Search And Help Get You A New Career.

May 31st, 2010

2009 was a harsh year for many people and their Careers. Unemployment was at its largest rate for many years. Although the rate of unemployment does now appear to be slowly decreasing, there are still lots of jobless individuals out there. Recent figures indicate that there are a lot of individuals out there still looking for New careers. If you have been looking for different Careers without success, then here are a few tips to both broaden your Career choices and help obtain a new job.

To begin with, you should think about where you are considering your Career choices and job openings. If you have nothing to bind you to your existing area, then consider moving. It could be that industry expansion in your existing area has remained stagnant, so you would be better off contemplating New careers in different areas. This will dramatically increase the amount of Career choices you can consider. Of course, considering moving will not be an option for everyone – you may have existing responsibilities such as looking after family which make moving location difficult. However, if it is something you can think about, then go for it. It will augment the number of New careers you can consider.

Another thing to think about – are you only looking at full time work? If yes, then maybe it is time to contemplate part time work as well. After all, part time hours are better than no hours at all, and there is usually the possibility that if you impress your manager enough after getting a part-time job you may be able to advance to full time work within that company. Even if there is only a small chance of you being able to get full time work there, it will at least fill in a space in your CV. It will also provide you with references for when you are able to move into a more suitable career.

Work on any ‘weaknesses’ you could have. If you don’t seem to be getting interviews with businesses, check your CV is suitable for the type of Careers you are applying to. Look online for CV writing assistance and see if you can enhance. If you can get the interviews but never seem to have any success there, then maybe your interview skills require some work. Think about questions that you have found hard in the past, and take your time to think up appropriate answers to these sorts of questions. Think about the sort of questions you could be asked beforehand, and ready your answers then. You cannot hope to prepare for every eventuality, but you should be in better stead if you do at least some preparation.

Another alternative to consider is expanding your contact network. Do not solely rely on friends and family to supply you with contacts and job opportunities. Their organisations may not be performing too well either. Try communicating with old managers and co-workers; maybe you could even think about applying at a company you have worked at before. Try and make it known at any clubs or associations you are a member of that you are looking for work and contemplating New careers. This will radically increase the number of Career choices open to you.

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