If You Have Been Harassed In The Workplace Hire A Compnesation Lawyer For Justice

December 10th, 2009

David’s Story
“ I had reached a supervisory job at the company I had been working at for 5 years. Then a manager came into the department who did not like me for no reason. When I try to give my opinion or say how we could improve, he shouted me down and made me look stupid. Now some of my colleagues accept his behaviour and so the same. His bullying tactics started to be used by others.”

This story is common among those bullying charities hear all the time. What David should have done was go to a compensation lawyer for advice on how to get justice for being forced out of his job. According to research conducted by The Workplace Bullying Institute, workplace bullying is now among the top causes of poor employee retention, resignation, and other organizational problems. Bullying in the workplace had been witnessed by one in three of the human resources officials interviewed.

Bullying can be in the form of intense criticism, sarcasm and teasing directed at one person by another employee. Situations can become extremely unsavoury as antagonism, verbal abuse and even physical injuries have been committed by bullies. The target is subjected to character assassination, aggressive behaviour, verbal abuse, and the cold-shoulder treatment. They might be given especially hard tasks or unrealistic deadlines.

Bullying can make the victims ill due to stress, anxiety and the side effects of this. Taking a high number of days off work is a sign of bullying. Sleeping disorders, depression, and anxiety panic attacks are the most well-known consequences of harassment. The personal life of a victim may also suffer and marriages have been known to fall apart because of the harassment. The actions of one bully can make the workplace a horrible environment for everyone who has to do their job in it. About 80% of bullies are bosses. The higher up on the corporate ladder the more likely a person is to bully.

To address bullying, there must be clear and strict workplace policies in order to stop or prevent this form of workplace harassment. Employers must conduct risk assessments and implement guidelines and stress management programs.

get a compensation lawyer if you have been forced out of a job because of a workplace bully and failings by your boss to do anything about it.

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