How to Sell Your Screenplay: Seven Methods

September 4th, 2010

Contrary to any other career there is, getting in the motion picture world or wanting to grow to be a movie writer is incredibly different. Lawyers have to attend law school. Doctors must attend medical school. Just like these vocations, other lines of work will require you to learn instructions and specifics. To be a movie writer you just need basic literacy, excellent software (Final Draft could be the industry standard), and a strong creativeness. With those 3 tools you are able to create a movie script. May very well not know it yet but the simplest part is crafting a script. In the motion picture world nonetheless, finding out how to sell your screenplay and getting jobs are really hard. These seven steps increases your odds of actually selling your script.

1. Your chosen premise must be kept basic. Once your script begins heading out to agencies, it will likely be read by assistants who’ll condense it to a logline, which is a explanation of the script in 25 words or fewer. Talent agents won’t even look at a film with a longer logline, and the shorter the better. For instance, “In a distant universe, a farm boy turns into the savior of a rebellion combating an evil Empire.” For those who don’t recognize this logline, you will have to brush up with famous motion pictures; this is the Star Wars’ logline.

Which brings us to magic formula #2. As frequently as possible, go to the movies. You will need your finger on the pulse of the industry if you’re going to give them what they want.

#3 Put a turmoil at the middle of your script. A movie won’t be interesting without having any conflict at all whether it’s about loosing someone because of a disaster, winning the love of an individual or even beating some sort of colossal. These conflicts make the suspense in every movie which can drive your characters into action.

#4 Concentrate on descriptions over dialogue. A motion picture is primarily a visual encounter. Despite the fact that conversation plays a major part in motion pictures as it sets the tone of the piece, it really is nevertheless far better to feel and look the character as he or she delivers the script. Descriptions mustn’t be overly detailed… simply make them vivid. Possessing many “white space” in scripts is what the assistant generally prefers, which is something you need to know while you study how to sell your screenplay.

#5 Get professional comments. It is much better if you’re able to get the advice of someone prosperous in making scripts. In achieving this, you can either use a expert script reading service or enroll in a film school that offers a one on one mentoring program since these specialists can be found here.

#6 Proofread the script within an inch of its existence. People will view you in a different way when they see even the tiniest error.

And last but not the least, number 7: NETWORK. Always try to become attached to somebody that knows somebody in a talent agency. Submissions received without a connection are going to be ignored out of hand. Ensure the agency knows your identity and that an individual has vouched for you.

Talent agencies collectively obtain about 50,000 scripts each year, of which roughly 600 will actually get converted to films; follow these seven steps of how to sell your screenplay and you’ll considerably up your odds of success. Good writing, and best of luck!

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