How to Learn Italian As Fast As Possible

February 10th, 2009

It’s not that learning the Italian language at home isn’t going to work or is just plain silly but traveling to where the language actually originated is a double plus. It is still an unbeatable way to acquire a second language. Just imagine yourself in the midst of the historical places that you usually read only from books.

Take for example the famous ruins of the Colosseum is just an amazing site to see and be in. There is nothing like the experience of being in the location where a lot of history had occurred over the time.

But what is really the big hype in traveling and living to the Italian speaking country? Although the expenses are not to be questioned (because it’s obviously an important part of immersion and travel); the natural way of learning and speaking the language comes to you just like how your dog obeys every word you tell him.

The dynamic immersion process of learning Spanish can be broken down into several components that are based on one or more forms of sensory abilities. The first step I the dynamic immersion process is to learn how to associate pictures with words.

The process when we were children was done by trial and error. In today’s computer based learning approached this process is easily duplicated with the computer. Making mistakes and learning from them is the fastest way to learn anything.

This approach is a form of inductive learning and much of the research in higher education demonstrates that the inductive approach is one of the best approaches for long term retention.

As we progress in our learning we begin to add other senses to learn language. After a student gets visual mastery of word, the other senses of sound, smell and touch help us to learn language.

Why learn Spanish using the dynamic immersion process? Quite simply you will be able to pick up the language through a series of courses in a very fast period of time. On the computer, we are able to associate sound and sight with words very quickly and this is in essence the dynamic immersion process.

Using this process you should be able to pick up the language in a mere 3-6 months. This does not make you a native speaker, but does allow you to communicate with others who speak Spanish. Let us face the facts; with over 30 million Hispanics the importance of speaking Spanish is all too clear.

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