How to Improve Your Chances of Interview Success

January 29th, 2009

The second part in getting the job is meeting the potential employer for an interview. The beginning step is that an applicant has successfully completed was submitting your application and passing the screening process of the business.

The employer got the resume through a variety of sources that can be from an ad that was posted, a referral from a friend or a headhunter, or by a person who simply submitted an application by logging on the business’s website.

Here are three tips that will help in having a successful interview:

  • Before going to an interview, it is best to do some research about the business one is applying to.
  • When meeting an employer, you should bring an extra copy of the resume and other documents that are needed if asked certain questions. A good example is architects and photographers who are professionals in the respective fields who have a portfolio of the works done which may impress the interviewer.
  • Afterwards, the applicant should thank the recruiter for the time that was given to meet for the interview.

It is critical that you learn to sell your skills to meet the needs of the employer

Study the person specification given to you by the employer and ensure that you know how you will let the interview panel know that you possess those skills

Then consider how you could direct each question area to the topics that you want to discuss, so that you will be better able to sell the major aspects of your candidacy

Use stories to set up the play through which you can sell your skills

For more help for doctors applying for medical interview, find out about consultant interview questions

On this website you will learn – through the free videos and handouts – how you can prepare yourself properly for a medical interview.

The skills taught on that course are generic, but the focus is upon doctors applying for consultant and other junior medical posts

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