How To Get A Career In Banking, And What You Should Expect From This Astonishingly Varied Career.

June 9th, 2010

What do you imagine when you try to imagine yourself working at a bank? Sitting behind a counter all day, counting out money for people is what the majority of you will think about. Whilst it is a part of the job, it definitely is not the only job. Banking is a vast industry, and for the motivated individual there are a wide number of Careers available. If any of your Career ideas are about making lots of money and taking on greater responsibility, then look no further. Banking is a fast-paced and energetic business full of New careers for adventurous , determined people.

To be able to be seriously looked at for Careers in banking, you only ought to be educated to G.C.S.E level. If you hold G.C.S.E. level education, you will literally be starting from the bottom and climbing your way up. A-level qualifications will typically start you off with the same type of responsibilities, but will allow you to advance at a faster rate. You will start off with basic jobs, processing cheques, handling customer questions, and in due course, with training, become a cashier. With additional in house training you could advance onto a managerial job, and get your own team to deal with.

If you are a talented candidate and show talent and flare for your job, then there will be lots of New careers open up for you at this point. Lots of people think about becoming manager of a branch, where they will take on a lot of responsibilities. If you are a graduate, you may be put on a ‘fast-track’ course to a management position. These normally last approximately 2 years and get you familiar with all the workings of running a bank and what’s involved, to help make sure you are fully set for such a role. A bank manager must possess comprehension of a wide variety of financial services, and be able to discuss these readily with customers. At this point you might generate more Career ideas based on services you find interesting or would like to take a more involved approach with. For example, you might find you like the business side of banking more, helping business customers with their business finances. So you could head into a career as a business account manager. Other choices available are areas like insurance, or mortgages. There are lots of Careers in various areas you can move into.

Working in a bank you will generally be working your normal Monday to Friday 9 to 5, with occasional Saturdays. Sundays are rarely worked by banks, but in some locations this is starting to happen. Your pay will depend very much on your level of responsibility, and also where you are based. Most banks possess a system whereby your performance is measured annually and any potential pay increases are based from this. Banking really is a good job for any determined individual who really wants to challenge themselves, take on more responsibility, and be rewarded for it.

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