How To Find A Job?

February 3rd, 2010

The human resources managers are dealing with job seekers on the everyday basis and given their occupation and experience it’s logical to expect an edge while conducting their own ob hunt. The days of an HR-manager are full of candidates browsing, screening of CVs, setting up as well as negotiating salary and, initially, interviewing. With their background, a swift and relatively headache-free job search is expected from them. Though it is not always the case. And a job coach is as useful for such professionals as for any other industry worker.

HR professionals often forget how it feels to be on the other side of the hiring desk. And when they end up in the role of the job seeker, their inside tricks can easily backfire. For instance, if you have ever conducted an interview you know what answers you want to hear. And when an HR professional is being interviewed s/he feels like they need to give that “right” answer rather than the honest one, the one that reflects the true personality. A good exemplification for this may be the discussion of compensation package. From their own experience HR-managers know how limited the pool of most positions with a reasonable compensation is, but they don’t know the ways of negotiating tactics that would help to obtain such information for themselves.

The other hurdle is the lack of objectivity. Many job seekers from whatever industry they come from are struggling when confronted with the question of their accomplishments. This may seem a lot easier for HR people since they know very well all the hiring process and requirements on each step of the interview. But it’s not the same as knowing exactly their strengths and talents and being able to articulate this information properly. All in all, with all the knowledge in the job search, professionals in human resources fail to pinpoint their own areas for improvement.

Besides, positions in HR are truly competitive. The financial crises has showed once again that professionals in this sphere are the first to be laid off. And really what’s the use of keeping an HR manager when a company has a hiring freeze? Additionally, even non-recruiting positions are at risk. The market in such situation is becoming oversaturated. Nevertheless, even during the crisis it’s possible to find a job, you just need to know where to search for it. One client in HR received interviews at eight companies after consulting a job coach. This number of interviews is quite an accomplishment at any time, but especially in the time of crisis. It’s a living proof that with the right job search you will get real results.

A job coach is someone who can give you the latest information on the job market and advise you how to behave yourself in the current situation. HR people may know too well all the job-search resources but they don’t always know where to find a job for themselves. And a coach is someone who can direct you and teach you new tricks, for instance, personal branding. The last but not the least, your coach will keep you motivated, will identify possible obstacles along the way and advise on overcoming them. Of course, you should always remember about self-education and self-improvement. Today you can find lots of information in career books,podcasts , video channels and through Internet search. But in case you need a job fairly quickly or you individual job search didn’t get any results then it’s better to consult a job coach.

A good job coach can assist you to create your career freedom. Dusty Rollins can be your job coach and show you how a real job coach can help.

Today we live in the world where knowledge makes life easier.

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