How To Decide On The Right Role In SEO And Website Advertising

July 7th, 2010

Online advertising has changed significantly in the past few years. Internet advertising has gone beyond any other way of advertising, millions of people nowadays use the internet and it just makes good sense to make your business known on the web if you’re going to keep up with the times. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that the amount of Careers in online advertising has also increased. If you’re searching for new Career Ideas, then finding a role in online advertising isn’t a terrible choice at all. In fact, one of the biggest New Careers to be had is search engine optimisation. Search engine optimisation, or SEO is quick becoming one of the most efficient ways of making your presence known on the internet. We are going to look over the details of these Careers and give suggestions on what to look for.

The central role of an SEO consultant is to help a business getting their website onto the first page of a search engine, like Google. This can be reached in many ways and depending on the level of knowledge and skills the SEOs have. Depending on your capability and Career Ideas you had in mind, you may be able to shape the SEO job to meet your abilities.

For those with IT skills, you can approach the job hands on and get straight into the foundations of SEO. For search engine optimisation to be succesful, the clients website is going to have to be appropriately optimised to increase compatibility with the search engines. This sort of work can entail taking the clients website and making amendments to the coding. Making sure that the proper keywords are incorporated into the site, these ought to be rooted both into the text of the website and into the meta tags. Hyperlinks/anchor text, image names and page headings all have to be relevant and preferably consist of keywords that the search engine can associate to. Doing this will allow search engines to scan your website effortlessly and match it to customers searches.

If you’re not fond of the technical stuff and Careers that use IT aren’t your thing, then don’t worry too much, SEO is still a feasible selection. The points mentioned before are still vital to SEO, but those who aren’t technical can just leave that work to the clients web developer and just give a short outline of what needs to be done. The most of your work in this role, will be promoting the client through other websites. If a website is given adequate recognition and is linked to from some reputable sources, it will slowly make its way up the ladder. New Careers in SEO can be made into more of a writers role, or anything that you can employ to promote the client. You can use your imagination here and forget all about the technical stuff.

The final thing to cover, is what to look out for if you make up your mind on accepting one of these New Careers. SEO work, similar to other jobs, can have its cheats and frauds. There are various people cheating the SEO system to make quick money and you need to be careful to keep away from these exploits or fear losing your status and becoming blacklisted. The main exploits to look out for, is things like employing invisible text or spamming keywords on a website. You may also be asked to design small temporary websites to spam links back to the client. If you come across any abuse like this, please try to report them, they may offer good money fast, but that will not last and you’ll soon find yourself named and shamed and out of work. If you’re considering SEO as one of your Career Ideas, make sure to research it properly and employ ethical methods.

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