How Many Parents Are Selecting Specialized Schools Over Their Neighborhood School For Their Child

June 15th, 2009

Years ago people would decide where to live based on the school system in that particular town . Where you lived was where your children would attend school. That was the only way back then . This article will describe how today there are many educational types of schools for your kids ranging from a mathematically accelerated charter school to a special golf school that gives you the option to learn on the putting green in addition to having an online golf school for instruction .

Depending on what state you reside in , there are different rules on which public school your child may go to . A few states claim that you must attend the school within your neighborhood while other districts allow open enrollment if there is availability in the classroom . This would mean that students can attend a school in a different town if the class for that grade is not full. The only thing the parents wouldhave to do is provide their child with the transportation to get there .

Parochial and private schools have always existed in America but now those private schools in addition to charter schools are becoming increasingly more specialized. If your child is a talented hockey player with potential to play at the Division I level or even professionally someday then they may go to Minnesota to a special boarding school specialized for hockey players. If you are French speaking and would like them to learn in that language too then they can attend a charter school like the International School in Denver that has a French immersion method of teaching so all of the students that go there will be totally fluent in French.

Some of these rules have caused some problems too . The open enrollment within public schools is one example . In the state of Colorado, the open enrollment policy has produced an environment where illegal recruiting of athletes has become an issue . An athlete from Castle Rock transferred to a school in Highlands Ranch purely to be on the top basketball team in the state and it paid off . She continued to receive a total basketball scholarship to a top college . This has created coaches to recruit players as young as 12 to attempt to open enroll in their school when the time comes to go to high school. Because of this, new laws have been created to stop recruiting younger athletes.

Other alternatives for education are at times not found at a school building at all. Several parents choose to home school their children for various reasons but the most common one tends to be for religious instruction that they would not receive at a public school. Other students have found the virtual school works better for them if they have a sport or hobby that requires them to be gone a great deal of time . Rather than getting a tutor to travel with them, virtual school is a great solution to get their education.

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