How A Lot Of Nurses Are Advancing Their Careers

April 26th, 2009

In these hard economic times most folks who have a job are grateful and hope they can hold on to it. Of course many folks would like to increase their salary as well, but that is kind of on the back burner at the moment for many folks. However there are some careers where just a little (relatively speaking) investment of time (and money) spent getting some additional education may add up to a big increase in pay.

Most folks have heard that there is a nursing shortage. In fact a lot of people are going back to school in order to become a registered nurse or an LPN. For those who are already working as an LPN who are interested in an increase in pay and advancing their career they may be in luck.

One reason is there may be more demand for RNs then licensed practical nurse’s in some areas and therefore many LPNs are returning to college to complete LPN to RN transition program to take advantage of the opportunities. Many folks can complete one of these programs in less then two years time and may get an increase in salary of $15K or more per year.

Going back to college to increase ones education can be a significant time commitment. However with the Internet and online college degree options folks today have a lot more flexibility then people used to have. Now they can structure their study and learning time around their work and family schedules. Yes it still takes a large commitment but it can be well worth it.

In addition to potentially earning more money by becoming an RN, a former licensed practical nurse’s job will also change with respect to new responsibilities. Although many folks do enjoy working as a licensed practical nurse many do decide later in their career to return to college because they want to do something different. So if you are a licensed practical nurse and looking to advance your career now may be the time to return to college.

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