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February 27th, 2009

Do you need help with your homework? Do you not get what your doing one bit? Are you tired of using help forums rather than a real person? If you answered yes to any of the following questions then you need to start using our easy to use live homework help chat system. One of our qualified moderators will assist you as soon as they can privately with you only! So what are you waiting for? You don’t have to sign up for anything and everything is absolutely free! We can assist you with pretty much anything such as math, science, language and more.

If you are waiting for one of our moderators we have designated special activities to do such as read chat rules, read the how to become a moderator page, listen to a song, and view any video on youtube absolutely free! You can also chat with friends in the public chat area while you wait or just go to chat with friends. Do you want to make your homework easier and cut up to one hour of homework time? then this website is your answer! What if your a teacher? Easy all you have to do is email the owner of the chat and you will be added as a moderator so you yourself may help people with there homework. Is this cheating?

No this is not cheating at all this is just help as we are not doing everything for you. We still may give you all the answers and technically this is not cheating because a qualified person online is helping you through everything! We can even tell you the answers and how to find them to make you look up to ten times smarter and make you look like your not cheating (which you are not cheating).

So don’t get worried over cheating this ins’t cheating all this is is help from a qualified individual online who will make your homework not only easier but also much faster. Are there any fees at all? No there are no fees at all all you must remember to do is follow the chat rulesso you don’t get banned from using our service as this could make you take up to 10 times as long on your homework!

Also there are many promotion opportunities for you besides being a moderator. You can be a member of our chat after you request for it and be made an owner soon after being made a moderator if you show us that you did a good job and helped many people. One of our moderators said “Our users were so ready to learn after their first experience with us as they realized how easy homework can be”. Homework is not going away so this is the only other alternative! Join today by just entering our chat and requesting to be a member!

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