Hiring A Personal Image Consultant

September 19th, 2009

Through the normal course of a business day you may meet many new people, some of whom may be potential clients or customers, so you want to be sure to make a good first impression. Often people will hire a personal image consultant to help them make the most of those 30 seconds that they have to impress when greeting someone for the first time. Since about 80% of their impression comes from your appearance and body language, these professional consultants can show you how to make an impressionable first impact and a good lasting impression as well.

Many people feel that making this good impression is not possible all of the time, especially during tough economic times. However, with the proper consulting strategy you can receive the maximum boost even in times of recession and financial downturns. This often helps to give you some much needed confidence in the workplace; whether by improving certain skills or reworking your wardrobe.

What do you imagine people think when they see you for the first time? That image is what a personal image consultant will work on and improve. Independent consultants are trained to take your uniqueness and put it together with a professional and updated look in order to create the best image possible.

Of course, it is not only your appearance that matters, as experts have told us body language plays a big part in first impressions as well. As most consultants services companies will tell you, making direct eye contact, radiating friendliness and confidence with a smile on your face, and shaking hands are very important signals when it comes to body language and how you are interpreted.

The way that you shake someone’s hand is an indication of the amount of respect you have for the individual, as well as how confident you are. A personal image consultant is aware that a handshake can convey your personal confidence to the other person in a few ways. One is by how firm your grip is, as a weak handshake may give the impression that you are not sure of yourself, but if it is too firm, then people may get the impression that you are over confident and perhaps egotistical. Another way in which you are assessed is by how fast you offer your hand to the other person when introduced. If you hesitate it tends to convey a lack of confidence and uncertainty. Good consultants companies know that a direct and firm handshake, combined with a smile and making eye contact, will portray you as a trustworthy and confident person.

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