Highest Paying Jobs with High School Degree

March 12th, 2009

Finding a high paying job that can support a family is not always so easy . Many times, the best career paths don’t pay very well. Let’s be honest, we all need a good source of earnings to pay those monthly bills and put food on the table. What career did you opt?
Do you love it or hate it?

How much money do you make, and do you want you made more?
These are common queries and concerns of most people. The fact is, we all want to succeed and do well in life, even if we don’t have the best paying jobs. Does anyone really know what those jobs are?

Back when I was a little boy and my mother would tell me to get good grades so I could get into a great college and then become a doctor or lawyer. How many kids have heard that said? I vowed that I would never torment my own children with it. Well, in reality successful doctors and lawyers do have some of the highest paying jobs. Much of this has to do with your location and area of expertise. You better believe a small town doctor isn’t pulling down the bucks like a Hollywood plastic surgeon. Speaking of Hollywood, this Tinsel Town always came up in debate I had with my folks. I would always hear them say things like, “Doctors can make hundreds of thousands a year.” My response was, “Don’t movie stars make millions for a single job?” I personally always thought of entertainment as the field with the highest paying jobs. Of course my parents would respond with, “Well they don’t count because their living in an entirely different world.” Now that I am fully grown, I better understand their argument.

Some of the Best paying jobs usually concern medicine. This is of course without Hollywood in the equation. Many specialty surgeons make incredible incomes. However you have to be ready to grapple with some serious school if you want the highest paying jobs. Physicians can end up going for another 12 years after high school. The highest paying jobs are without a doubt hard to attain. Most of these positions need tenacity and endurance. Not to say that anyone should not vie for the highest paying jobs and get that piece of the pie they want so badly. We all know and appreciate the many benefits of capital. It all comes down to how hard you’re willing to work for it.

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