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August 30th, 2009

Health care industry is still one of the lucrative industries. The ever booming health care industry is in dire need for nurses. There are even many aspirants who want to become a nurse but the education cost for nursing college holds them back. You should never hold your educational goals back just because of lack of funding. There are many scholarships. Keeping in mind the cost of education there are even special nursing scholarships.

The nursing scholarships are granted to students aspiring to be nurses. Now there are many different certificates, diploma and degree and nursing scholarships are available accordingly. It may not be easy to find nursing scholarships for a certificate course, but for degree there are many different nursing scholarships available.

These scholarships are awarded to lure students to nursing degree and with an aim to fill the demand for the nurses. This is beneficial for you. Considering the high cost for nursing education it is very difficult to fund the education and scholarship s the best thing. The US department of health resources and services administration has its own nursing scholarships. They grant these scholarships every year to students. This is a very popular one because other than paying for tuition and other fees they cover additional reasonable costs like books, lab expenses, clinical supplies and other things.

Plus they even give you a monthly stipend for around $1200. But in return the awarded nurses must commit to service for 2 years at a health care facility which has critical shortage for nurses. This many students don’t feel comfortable with. However if you look at the positive side you won’t need to search for job once you are out of college. This is very good for fresher. They get employment and two years experience. This program is only for US citizens and preference is given to the students who need the financial aids most.

Then you can even check with your local organizations and hospitals. At times even hospitals in need for nurses fund the education in return for a few years service. Besides there are many others nursing scholorship available which you can find online. The search engine will help you find out. Just beware of the scams. Any website which asks you to pay money to give you the list of exclusive scholarships is surely a scam. Don’t ever pay money to get the lists or whatever for scholarships. They are available free.

James Scholaris

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