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January 23rd, 2009

If you want to earn a promotion, you have to be consciousof yourself, as well as your surroundings. It is vital that you strike the balance between being a team player and also gaining progress in your personal work. It will be easier to move up the ranks if the people around you believe that you deserve it. I found a few ways that worked for me in the past 3 companies I’ve been working for. Try these and you may well be on your way to a biggersalary and a better desk.

Looking at the People Around You

Observe other relationships that exist in your workplace. You have to learn to respect these as you go along in your job. For example, I once knew a colleague who was in the same level as me but had a really tight relationship with our boss. I learned how to respect their bond instead of being jealous or disgruntledhow he might be accelerated quickly. The effect? My colleague recognized my sincerity and like how I kept to myself despite understanding how better he related to our boss. I was promoted over him. I handed him old business card cases on my way up.

Determine the strengths and weaknesses of the people around you. You will notice workaholics, slackers and everything else in between. You have to compete with all these individuals. As for the workaholics, you have to show that you can stabilizework and leisure without compromising on performance. Try to observe the people whom your boss favors more over the others. It is very likely that you’ll find something that you might be able to follow.

Challenging Yourself

Even though you need to stay observant about the people around you, you only need to keep challenging yourself. Learn to gauge your strengths and weaknesses and find ways to use them accordingly. Work in a way that will revealyour strengths constantly. Learn to develop techniques on how to hide your weaknesses. Better yet, read more and ask questions to improve in your skills.

I tried to improve from the smallest aspect to major projects. I even practiced how to use letter openers more quickly. I joined short online courses and classes to enhance my ability to write, review reports and give discussions. I worked out regularly too to stay in tiptop shape so I’d be readyfor almost anything that goes on at work.

Fixing Mistakes

There is no perfect employee. So if you’re looking to get a promotion but experience a few mistakes on the way, there is always hope. Just show that you are sincere and always try to improve. I once lost a colleague’s business card holder at the time he needed it the most. I apologized sincerely and replaced the thing after a few days. If you make mistakes in front of your boss, keep your composure and accept your wrongdoing. Superiors will be more forgiving compared if you try to hide the wrong.

You may pay your compliments or offer gifts too as a form of humility if you encounter problems with your colleagues. Give time to constructrelationships of your own in the office. Join hangouts and other invitations to show respect. In the long run, you’ll have a wider base of support.

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