Get Your Colleagues to Like You

April 4th, 2009

I’ve never been in an office where tension is nonexistent. For as long as I could remember, there’s been this ongoing war even between people who weren’t really that competitive. Among the men, being territorialis a given, regardless of whether they only have space that spans a full square meter. Among the women, I notice they always try to beat the men or try to beat other women to be better at beating the men.

Originally, I adapted to their ways and never gave out a Business card holder to anyone. The lawfor me before was, “Every man for himself.” Although in some cases, I liked the idea of independence and the feeling that I am not indebted to anyone, I never really felt comfortable or happy in the office. The days went by quickly at first, but as the months wore on, I found it harder and harder to go to work, simply because there was no one to talk to and nobody to support me.

I decided to make a quick change and get rid of all the negativeideations I develop towards other co-workers. I started to look at them as supportive friends who can come in and be quite helpful especially during big and difficult assignments. I handed out Business card holders to the two nearest desks beside me, and started to expandthe circle. Once in a while, I’d also find Pocket business card holders on my table when I entered the workplace. I didn’t really know at first whether these are just symbols of gifts being returned.

The good things began to happenwhen actions backed up the items I discovered at least once a week. One day, it was surprising to see a lot of people giving me beautiful smiles and talking to me in a sweeter tone, compared to the stern voice that always answered in single syllables. Work became much easier from then on. I was more than willing to give a colleague recommendationsfor a promotion.

I got the same compliments as well, which helped me manage to get 3 upgrades only in a span of 2 years. When there was someone new at the office, I’d immediatelygive him or her my signature business card holder and start creating a friendship. Once a month, I’d gather 5 to 10 of my colleagues and just spend a few hours bonding. We’d watch a movie, eat out or just play poker in someone’s house. Try this for yourself and see your relationship grow to a whole new level.

If you have problems with any co-worker, it will always be better to meetand talk to the person personally to voice out your concerns before the situation gets bigger. If the other person does not wish to cooperate, you may want to ask for a mediator through your boss or another colleague. Try to sort things out and determine ways to improve your relationship. Sometimes, I find that it is only the simplest good actions things that lead to long term advantages.

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