German Translation Network Comments about Merkel’s Two Terms

May 18th, 2010

Germany’s chancellor, Chancellor Angela Merkel, is a first of her kind in several respects. According to a prominent German Translation worker, she was raised in communist East Germany. She is also the first woman chancellor of Germany and the youngest incumbent to be in her position. Criticized for not getting much done during her first term, this all changed after she built a strong conservative coalition that fully supports her initiatives. With Germany being the strongest economy in Europe, Chancellor Angela Merkel is now in a very important position in world politics.

Her experiences in the communist East German system have strongly influenced her values and vision for Germany. Raised in the German state of Brandenburg, near East Berlin, Chancellor Angela Merkel was the daughter of a Lutheran minister. She excelled in math and science at an early age, and had hoped to become a physicist. But the East German bureaucracy tended to hinder professional growth. In order to earn a living while putting her scientific skills to work, Chancellor Angela Merkel began doing Medical Translation work for Russian and Eastern European companies. Eventually, Chancellor Angela Merkel was able to manoeuvre around East German government bureaucratic hindrances, and her tenaciousness may have helped her to gain prominence once the Berlin Wall finally did come down.

The then Chancellor, Helmut Kohl, made Chancellor Angela Merkel a member of his cabinet shortly after she was elected to parliament. Chancellor Angela Merkel experienced a great deal of sexism in Kohl’s government, but was successful nevertheless. But in 1997, Kohl’s political party received illegal contributions, according to an Arabic to English Translation agency. This funding came from two main sources. The first was from the sale of German tanks to Saudia Arabia for kickbacks, and the second was as a result of a fraud deal with former French President Francois Mitterand. According to a prominent French translator, over 300 million DM in illegal funds were funneled to bank accounts in the canton of Geneva. Despite the scandal, Chancellor Angela Merkel managed to pull through and get elected as Chancellor.

A highly popular politician, Chancellor Angela Merkel boasts a 70% satisfaction rate among her electorate. Her commitment to fighting climate change and maintaining healthy economic growth while holding down unemployment has made her Germany’s favorite politician. As only the second German chancellor in history to have addressed the US Congress, she reinforced her commitment to improve human rights throughout the world. Nevertheless, Chancellor Angela Merkel has come under increasing pressure from the German people to pull out of Afghanistan despite calls by US President Barack Obama for increasing German troop strength in the area.To make matters worse, a German media outlet released the results of a new poll that found more than seventy percent of all German unsatisfied with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s second term. According to the release, Germans are most upset over her decisions on Afghanistan, taxes, and relations with Poland. According to one Financial Translation worker, “Another reason for Merkel’s low approval is that there has been a rise in government debt to record levels and there are fears the economic crisis will lead to unforeseen expenditures in the months ahead.” The government gave firms tax relief at the start of 2010. Although members of Chancellor Merkel political party warned her against making further tax cuts for companies, members of other parties are insisting that further cuts must be implemented.

While more negative reports come out about Merkel, she has decided to go into hiding and stop making public appearances. Despite her attempt to hide, one of her spokespeople held a news conference and indicated her contentment with the coalition that formed after her re-election. According to deputy government spokesman Christoph Steegmans, “The chancellor views the coalition’s performance as good.”

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