German Leader Got Start as Medical Translator, According to German Translation Worker

February 4th, 2010

Germany has experienced many firsts with its leader, Chancellor Angela Merkel.Raised in the German Democratic Republic (communist East Germany), she is the first of her kind to become chancellor, according to a German Translation company. She holds the record for being the first female chancellor and the youngest one. During her first term, her efforts were stymied by her liberal coalition party members, but this changed during her second term. As the leader of Europe’s powerhouse, Chancellor Angela Merkel sits in a position of prominence among world leaders.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s youth has played a major role in her vision and plans for the nation’s future. Chancellor Angela Merkel is the daughter of a Lutheran pastor and grew up in the northern part of East Germany. She was good in science and decided to make it her career. But the East German bureaucracy tended to hinder professional growth. To keep up her skills in the scientific field, Chancellor Angela Merkel earned extra cash by working for a Medical Translation company. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s experiences dealing with the difficult East German bureaucracy probably helped her position herself in government when the country reunified.

Helmut Kohl appointed her to a cabinet position after she became a parliament member. Chancellor Angela Merkel experienced a great deal of sexism in Kohl’s government, but was successful nevertheless. According to an Arabic to English Translation organization, the Christian Democratic Union (Kohl’s party) received millions of DMs in illegal funds. The millions were funneled to the party from two different sources. One source of the money was from kickbacks for the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia and the other resulted from a fraudulent oil deal with the French. French translators revealed recently that the illegal funds were secretly transferred to Swiss banks in Geneva. Kohl became mired in the scandal but Chancellor Angela Merkel emerged unscathed.

Now, seventy percent of Germans report that they are highly satisfied with the job that Chancellor Angela Merkel is doing. Her commitment to fighting climate change and maintaining healthy economic growth while holding down unemployment has made her Germany’s favorite politician. As only the second German chancellor in history to have addressed the US Congress, she reinforced her commitment to improve human rights throughout the world. However, Chancellor Angela Merkel will have to walk a tightrope when it comes to deciding what to do about Afghanistan.In summary, the negative marks that the German people gave Chancellor Angela Merkel can be traced back to her decisions about Poland, taxes, Afghanistan that have left 77-percent of Germans not satisfied with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s job performance. However, we interviewed a financial translator for this story who suggested that Merkel’s low approvial is based on the financial crisis that has brought German debt to record breaking levels and Germans fear continued expenditures as the economy is slow to mend itself. The government gave firms tax relief at the start of 2010. While some are deeply concerned that the government should not pass further tax cuts until new revenue projections become available, members of the FDP are calling for a new round of tax breaks.

While more negative reports come out about Merkel, she has decided to go into hiding and stop making public appearances. However, even as she is not making media appearances, there are spokespeople for the Chancellor who are speaking and indicating that Merkel is pleased wit her new coalition. According to deputy government spokesman Christoph Steegmans, “The chancellor views the coalition’s performance as good.”

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