First Day At Work: How To Deal

January 12th, 2009

The first day of work at the office almost reminds you of how you felt when you’re the newstudent in a big campus and it’s the first day of school. It seems as if everybody is looking once you turn your back and they just can’t wait to get you fired. I had my moments in the past, but realized that in most occasions, I was only makingmy own ghosts. My performance and enthusiasm quickly increased as I followed these quick and easy tips.

First Things First

You need to understand that impression is very important at work. However, you do not want to make such a huge scene since it can usually leave your colleagues feeling intimidated by you. Your career could go into a plungeif you act like everyone else’s competition. Start by preparing the items you need for work. I rummaged through a lot of my laptop briefcases to find the most common-looking and functional model. Try not to grab so much attention by wearing very showyattire. It is good to look sharp, but not arrogant.

Prepare how you are going to carry yourself from the time you leave your house to the moment you step in the room. Expect a lot of heads to turn regardless of what you are wearing. Look at yourself in the mirror then practice walking, standing and smiling. Just try to act as casual and composedas possible. I was lucky enough to receive a briefcase for women which can hide my knees when they’re hitting on each other because of my nervousness.

Entering the Office

I always think of the word “polite” and “humble” when I come inthe office. Remember, you are entering their territory and should make a good first impression. Give out the feeling that you are there to support and help the people around you. Greet every person you encounter and always put on a smile. Make eye contact and introduce yourself as needed. Be the first one to extend your hand for a shake. Slowly walk to your area and arrange your things. Foreverbe aware of your surroundings and observe how you should act depending on other people’s responses.

Building Relationships

Always stay confident but be observantabout the existing relationships in the office. Style is a must but I always strike the balance by working hard and looking good while at it. I wouldn’t mind bringing a rolling briefcase to work after getting back from a trip or project. I find that it is a must to throw as many compliments as possible to your colleaguesto develop relationships.

Even though you may be accustomed to a few habits from your former employment, you have to adjust to the company’s way of doing things. Followrules at all times and ask questions. Many people actually admire new employees who ask questions rather than seem like you know everything already. Create relationships both during work hours and breaks. Always give attention to your boss without overexerting. Your boss can be an excellent wayof helping you build healthy relationships in your new job.

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