Family And Friends Can All Be Diversions To Folk Who Select To Work From Their Home

December 31st, 2009

For people who want to Work From Home, they need to be very single-minded if they want to avoid failure. There are many diversions, all too readily available, if you allow them. Who wants to be occupied with Internet Business on a hot sunny day, when there is chilled champagne in the fridge and a pretty garden to sit in? Maybe there is a park nearby, which you just know the dogs would love to visit. Those Online Jobs can wait! It is the United Kingdom after all, tomorrow it is bound to be wet.

Your mate calls for a gossip. After all you Work From Home, your time is your own, it is ok to spend an hour on the phone. Your partner asks you to pop to the shops for something they need, you are always free because you are doing Online Jobs, so nobody is sitting nearby waiting for your input and it will only take you half an hour.

The car needs to go for an MOT, so you are selected to do this task, because you Work From Home, so are available to go to the garage any time. The youngsters need to go to after school clubs, so you are designated taxi driver, because being involved in the Internet Business, you can fit your hours around your family.

Daytime telly has some good programmes which could be used as research for your Online Jobs. However, once you are watching the telly, it is likely to get left on, you spot there is a programme you recall viewing years ago and wonder if it is as good as you thought at the time.

Sooner than you know, your week is finished and you note that you have not done anything like the amount of work you expected to complete at the beginning of the week. Where did the time go?

All the above diversions are fine when viewed alone, but when they all come together, you discover that aiming to Work From Home is actually much more difficult than you imagined it would be. It is time to put some rules in place.

The youngsters were probably a determining factor when you first chose to look at the Internet Business as a choice of job, so their wants must be addressed. They will probably need taking to and collecting from school, and as you Work From Home it seems logical for you to organise getting them to their after school clubs, so incorporate these times into your work schedule.

Taking out one day a week to spend enjoying the sunshine is not such a bad plan, just be certain that this is also the day that you do the shopping, chat with friends, sort the car, all the other distractions which build up. If friends or family need you any other day, explain that you really do need to do your work and say what time you will be available for them. If you keep reminding them that you do actually Work From Home, they will get the message eventually. Be strict with yourself over how much telly you allow yourself to watch and you will discover that the work life balance can be achieved.

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