Exploring Careers In The Heavy Equipment Industry

May 2nd, 2009

Have you ever thought about the efforts that go into building of a hospital, bridge, grocery store or a mall? It is the hard work of construction workers that is responsible for the creation of establishments and structures of various kinds that can be used daily. They also construct highways, work on heavy construction sites, and handle various industrial projects. Go to enerpac for more information.

Careers in construction:

There are many areas where any individual interested in construction can pursue his or her career. They can choose to study the ins and outs of becoming a bricklayer, an electrician, ironworker, landscaper, carpenter or heavy equipment operator. Even project managers and design teams can look for a good job in construction business since they are good at drawing up plans for new buildings and giving direction to workers to complete an assignment. Some of the careers are:


If you are physically fit, possess a knack for line, proportion and color and enjoy using precision tools then you can become a bricklayer. Your duties will include repairing or installing structures made out of bricks, building fireplaces and chimneys, installation of industrial furnaces and creation of walls, patios and walkways. You should know how to read and interpret blue prints, resolve problems, do calculations and organize tasks on a daily basis.

Drillers and blasters:

A driller and blaster can either work side by side or perform similar tasks. As a blaster you might have to fill holes with explosives and set off triggers that would be dislodging rocks, ore or coal. Skills of a blaster are used in demolishing buildings. As a driller you will have to control portable drilling machines that are used for creating a hole in quarries and open pit mines or you will have to help in building the foundation of construction sites. Be it home renovation or a new home construction, commercial building, heavy industrial sites or civil engineering, both occupations have similar opportunities of employment and making of a career. Refer to enerpac for more information.

Heavy equipment mechanic:

Mechanics have to use equipments to maintain and repair heavy- duty machinery that allows construction of gas, oil, landscaping and other sites. Sometimes a heavy equipment mechanic can find a job working on subway repair or railroad construction sites. Such mechanics can also get a job in a new home renovation or construction, commercial building, heavy construction sites or in a civil engineering world. They also fix power shift transmissions, fuel injections, hydraulics, inspect cranes and bulldozers and clean machinery of heavy equipments.


As a roofer you will have to install, repair and replace roofs and you can also get work on decks, waterproofing basements and foundation projects. You can either work on your own or a general contractor will employ you. You can get work in commercial construction sector, renovation sites and building of homes. Roofers also need to repair metal roofing, replace shingles, work with asphalt and estimate the costs and required materials.


Generally, a welder needs to join metal parts together like vessels or pipes. They can get work in manufacturing and construction sites. Even a construction company, welding shops or welding contractors can employ them.

Qualifications for construction career:

Depending on what you want to become, you need to have certain certifications, skills, training programs and studies. If you do internship somewhere then this can also help you in getting a job.
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