Elite Models: Not Your Typical Joe or Jane

April 25th, 2010

As models are seen in many more shows today, Seattle modeling, is expanding rapidly. Seattle models may be seen working at automobile shows or other openings or events where the gorgeously inclined are welcome additions and excellent sales tools. No experience is necessary for this type of employment save a beautiful smile and perhaps an enticing physique.

those abnormally attractive persons rollerblading around in tight shirts and tiny shorts selling tequila or cigarettes are available to increase your buying bliss. A Hyundai may not make your blood pressure rise but the lovely specimen in the front might. Go to any grand opening or gala event and a different species of human will be noticed gracing the halls. They will have enormous features. Their mouths will be filled with clouds of white. They will stand a head taller than most and their limbs will appear inordinately long. Their hair will be hang down their backs in a glistening smooth cascade, yet tousled. Their glowing skin will be glistening and bald. Their muscles are so defined and their bodies so curved in all the right places that clothes are merely an obstacle to one’s viewing pleasure and so less of them are worn to the viewer’s gratitude and delight.

Seeing them in front of us is different than seeing them in magazines or on television commercials selling stuff. Here they are, with all of their enticing enhancements selling stuff to us in the flesh. These are models of beauty. While most are happy to be present at such showings, these beings will be paid one hundred to five hundred dollars just to attend and let us look at them. Jealousy is not a concern. No contrasts are possible. Happiness is positioning one’s self beside or doing business with art in an animate being.

Many contemporary models hate work that require them to walk around for hours at an event where no one is taking any pictures of them or filming them in any way. They prefer venues where the entire audience is gazing only at them such as runways, photos or television commercials. When one must carry the weight of constant inspection, it is easy to understand how one could come to expect in return, only unshared exaltation, fortune and ease for the rest of one’s life.

While the modern model prefers the sanctity and perfection of the studio, or the matching magnificence of an exotic locale, the old fashioned model is more like a pop star on tour. She will gladly mix with her admirers and sell anything that needs to be sold. As we buy a gym membership or the latest Miata we can stand beside a ravishing beauty and if only for a moment attain the glamour of the gods.

Seattle is not often the first city one thinks of for a modeling career. It gets cold and wet, requiring more clothes to be worn. There are not as many opportunities for print or runway or even television in Seattle as in Paris or New York or Los Angeles or Milan. Opportunities do, however abound, for those who are willing to share their physical splendor in the more public presentations of a trade show or an opening and there is no arena where this beneficence is more welcomed.

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