How to Get Federal Financial Aid

February 15th, 2009

Few forms of student financial aid beat that which comes from the government. These scholarships probably enable you to move forward and more solidly in a career than just about any other kind. Find out right here how to get scholarship money for college.

Why Are Government Scholarships So Good?

When you think about it, you probably already realize that the main purpose for going to college, and possibly grad school, is to become prepared for the rest of your life – for your career and your ability to make money to live on. But what if you were to secure both the quality education and the career at the same time? Would that not be even better than having to “hope” that you can even find a job when you finish college?

A student scholarship can be obtained which will cover your college financing needs, allowing you to focus on your education. With college paid for you’ll have more time to focus on career training. In many cases, your job guarantee is actually part of your education contract.

What Do Government Scholarships Require?

Private and federal scholarships are different. One good thing, though, is that they usually do not require a certain GPA or some sports ability. They often focus on the basis of need.

You’ll need to complete a FAFSA application to become eligible for money. This form is required for all federal scholarships and federal college loans. It is rather lengthy, but you can get online directions when filling it out. This should help take away some of the complexity of it.

What Kind of Government Scholarships Are Available?

Government scholarships will cover just about any kind of career choice that there is – as long as the job can benefit the US Government. Since this does involve nearly every career field possible – there is a lot of room for choices.

Here are a few career fields that have specific government scholarships for them:

- Teaching (US Dept of Education)
- Medical Research (NIH)
- Physicians (NHSC)
- Nursing (US Bureau of Health Professions)
- Children of Military Personnel
- Energy (US Dept. of Energy)
- NASA and FAA
- Meteorology (NOAA)
- Security Agencies (DIA, CIA, and NSA)
- Federal Cyber Service (NSF)

And that’s just a short list. Don’t forget that each of the above agencies have very many needs, and also offer the opportunity to go up in rank. Working for the federal government is great in many ways.

How Do You Get Started Going about Getting a Federal Scholarship?

Federal scholarships require that the student aid forms be filled out first. Once that is accomplished, then you can start looking around to find the government college scholarships that you want. You may also be able to get other ones, too, if they should be necessary.

Searching for the right federal scholarship largely depends on what career field you are interested in. General places to begin, however, may include these:

- If you are a military dependent (DODEA)
- If you are a dependent of a Foreign Service employee (AFSA)
- Member or child of Federal Employee – (FEEA)
- Presidential Freedom Scholarship – for civic-minded students.

These are just a few of the possible government scholarships that are available. Besides these Federal scholarships, however, there are also scholarships that large corporations provide – and many of these businesses also work closely with the government. They may also offer similar terms when it comes to college scholarships, internships, and career opportunities.

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