Easy Ways To Learn French Fast And For Free

January 12th, 2009

French is a romance language which is spoken by more than 100million people in the world today and if you are interested in learning how to speak it you would no doubt want to know what the fastest way is to do so. This article would look at the quickest way to learn how to speak French.

If you want some easy ways to learn French fast, simply apply these fun techniques and take all of the agony and frustration from learning a language quickly.

*Music, be adventurous and browse the world music section of a music store, better still, check out amazon online, they let you listen to stuff before you buy and also help by recommending what they think you might like. Tune into French radio and get used to playing it in the background.

*French newspapers and magazines are sold in almost every major city, when you pass a news stand or book store look to see if they have the type of newspaper or magazine you like in French. ‘Le Monde’ is a mainstream newspaper sold worldwide, there are also a lot of glossy magazines like ‘Marie Claire’ etc in French, and even though you won’t understand everything you’ll be able to follow the general story with your own knowledge of what’s going on in the world.

*Make friends with a French speaker, with the accessibility of the internet this couldn’t be easier. Sign up to a couple of social networking sites and explain you’d like to make French speaking friends and you can chat to them online. Hang out in cafes, libraries, malls where you know there’s the possibility of French speakers around. Strike up conversation with French waiters, shop attendants, bartenders, if this seems intimidating simply say something like ‘bonjour’ or ‘merci’, it’ll be noticed straight away because you’re making the effort and they’ll be happy to chat.

*Like movies? This is an incredibly effective way to learn French fast while rapidly increasing your understanding of conversational French, and there’s a couple of easy ways you can do it. With Satellite and cable tv, stations are available in a whole range of languages, see if you can find a French speaking station and a program at a particular time of the day that you can watch. You might struggle with how fast the speech seems at first but don’t worry, even though you don’t understand it it’s sinking in and you can leave it on in the background while you do other stuff. If you don’t have any French channels, head down to your video store and rent some French movies you can watch with English subtitles or if you already have a collection of dvds watch one with the French subtitles on, this trick is dynamite and you’ll find yourself suddenly able to understand written French in no time! If you think this will be not easy way,, then doesnt matter we are here to help you, click for learnch french cd i am sure you will learn to speak french so easily and quickly

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