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January 12th, 2009

Textbooks and university textbooks are expensive! Prices have risen dramatically – up 186% within 20 years. On every beginning of semester, students are busy to buy cheaper used textbooks and sell their used textbooks from last semester. This is extremely waste time and not much easy to get the so called good quality USED textbooks. Some students may believe that buy BRAND NEW textbooks from college bookstores or university bookstores, and then resell them in next semester. However, how much you expect to get back? At most 15% of the brand new textbooks prices.

Here are 5 tips to help you buy textbook with saving money.

1) DON’T buy textbook from college bookstore and university bookstore. Their prices are terrible high. Instead, buy textbook from online textbook store. For example, “CocoMartini Buy University Discount Textbooks Online Bookstore” that focuses on college textbooks and university textbooks markets. They offer at most 80% off discount price from market prices. All the textbooks are 100% brand new. So, need not worry how much the textbooks can be resell because the brand new price is already dramatically reduced. Also, need not waste time to find other bookstore and compare the prices.

2) When you are search textbook, please make sure you use the corresponding ISBN number to search. That will 100% accurate and the searching results will be much more accurately.

3) Don’t rush to buy your textbook before classes start. Ask your professor how often you’ll be needing the book. Some professors throw a book on the syllabus because it’s required by the university and never come around to opening it. Some professors encourage you to share books, because you’ll be using it so infrequently.

4) Check with students who’s taken the class before to get a feel for which books you’ll really need. This can help you prioritize.

5) Check with the professor to see if an earlier or international version of the book will fit the class needs. For example, from College Bookstore outlet, previous or non-US editions always sell for 80% discounts from latest editions or US editions.

If you are a college student or even a student enrolled in public or private school, you know that the cost of textbooks has been shooting through the roof. Most school systems pick up the cost of books, but on occasion you may be required to purchase a book for a report or for personal knowledge. If you do, then you’ll soon see how expensive that proposition can be. Every student would like to save on textbook purchases but other than getting a used copy from the bookstore, you’ll likely pay too much. Fortunately, you do have a choice and I’m going to show you how you can save a mint on textbook purchases if you continue to read.

Shop Online Networks – Thanks to the internet, online shops are springing up making it easier to find textbooks offered at deep discounts. You can estimate taxes and shipping costs right online and save a bunch off of the campus bookstore premium prices.

Shop Online college bookstore– Google a search for discount textbooks and several websites will appear in your search results. Compare prices and you may soon discover that even with shipping and taxes figured in you could still save 10-40% or more off of campus bookstore prices. Some international editions of the same textbooks are discounted by as much as 90%!

Shop the Boards – Yes, bulletin boards at school are a great place to shop for books. Check around the campus and look for used copies of the textbooks that you need. Chances are you’ll get the book directly by a student for dollars less than the campus bookstore who will gladly resell to you a used book, at a significant mark up of course.

Shop the Known Online Retailers – Amazon and others always sell books at steep discounts and their supply of college textbooks is generally quite good. You may be able to save 25% and get free shipping as long as your order is $25 or more.

Don’t count on textbook prices ever dropping to reasonable amounts as the industry is too lucrative and not competitive enough. However, if you don’t mind plunking down hundreds of dollars through your campus bookstore, then by all means patronize them. Chances are you’ll get a nice case of sticker shock and decide to look elsewhere!

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