Don’t Stop Learning, Go Back to School

August 15th, 2009

If you have been in the world of business for so long now, you would have wondered how it would feel like to be in school again. You wonder how it would feel for your money clip wallet
to carry your daily school allowance. You wonder how it would be like to have classmates once again, to have an argument with your teacher, or to simply stay up late to finish an assignment.

Well, if your Unique Wallets have enough to send you to school, then why don’t you try enrolling in short courses? You don’t have to complete your Master’s Degree just so you can be in the portals of your Alma Matter once again. Here are some of the great things about going back to school.

1. It is another experience.
If your normal day includes jumping out of bed, getting to the office, and going out with friends, then you will be adding a whole new dimension into your somewhat monotonous life when you go back to school. You will have a new aspect of your life, so to speak.

Of course, when you have classmates and schoolmates, you have a whole new set of people to get to know. School is then a great way for you to develop your social network. Who knows, it will be in school where you will meet the love of your life? Who knows it will be in school where you’ll bump into your travel buddy?

2. It is about new learning.
Of course, one of the main reasons for going back to school is learning something – may it be about something totally new, or enhancing a current knowledge. Therefore, the thought of buying pens and notebooks – and even text books – should be an exciting idea in itself. You may need to keep your travel wallet for a while (as you won’t be doing much travelling while enrolled in an Italian Language Course) but the wait will be all worth it. By going to school, you are improving your current information base – you are expanding your horizon.

Going back to school should be exciting – even if it is just for a short time. Going back to school should be a decision that must not be foregone, as everything you’ll get from there will be for your own good. By going back to school, you are not only developing yourself personally – but professional as well. After all, companies would always love candidates who have a healthy need for cognition – a healthy hunger for learning.

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