Doing What You’ve Always Loved

March 7th, 2009

A lot of people are so scared of losing their jobs that they reach the end of their lives asking what if they tried doing what they were always passionate about. I know some individuals who have taken the risk or were forced to take it, then realizing that they have more time and cashthan they have ever dreamed of. Here is one great story that keep me motivated.

Edward is a friend of mine who used to sell photo copiers for a living. He has been in the business for 2 years and even though he gets very little, is still afraid of getting out. He used to tell me how much better little income is to zero income. The man was so scared of losing what little he had and would spend the remainsof his monthly salary buying Zippo lighters.

Deep down, I knew he was alwaysfond of selling crabs to his friends. He’d pack the products, place it between the copiers in the back of his company van, and send it to his friends, complete with a nutcracker and his special lemon butter sauce. His friends would go wild each holiday, knowing that Edward was treating them more than the usual.

He once advertised his crab delivery services online and over the radio and got caught by his company. The company wasn’t so happy about their salesman selling crabs instead of photo copiers, so he got fired. Edward says it was surprising, since he felt more relieved than horrifiedabout being thrown out. He was fiddling with his Passport holder one night and experimented with several website names and telephone numbers. He then created his own crab delivery service company.

Today, Edward is a millionaire and is financially free for life. He wouldn’t have done it at least if I haven’t told him about the idea. I actually benefited from everything too, since he providesme a crab package every month. I bet he has to replace his Money clip wallet now that he has more than what his pockets can handle.

There are so many opportunities waiting for people, depending on their personal preference and favorites. You do not have to be forced to do what you get bored doing, since opportunities rise if you’re passionate enough about one thing. Jobs are important, but what’s matters more is how well you can executeand stay in that job. I believe life is too short to be doing something that you do not like. I suggest not waiting for something to force you out of you current situation and just deciding that you need to be more productive and brave in professional choices.

Regardless of your current situation, continue to seek the aspects in life that you are trulyfond of. This way, you’ll be able to earn more, feel more contented and have more free time to spend with your loved ones. You will realize that doing your own thing actually leads to creativity and resourcefulness.

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