Designer Jeans, Nerdy Genes, Could Working From The House Influence Man’s Evolution?

March 25th, 2010

All species change over time, with weaker genes disappearing and those which improve the species becoming more dominant. However, as lifestyles adjust, so do the genes which are seen to be the better genes. When human beings hunted for food, they were required to be strong and fast. Anybody who was weak would not continue to exist and females would be looking for good providers for them and their offspring.

Time travelled on and it was not necessary for human beings to hunt for food, women now needed men who were good providers, in a monetary way. Men wanted women to be good wives and parents. We, on the whole, wanted people who were personable and had good personal hygiene habits.

Now, with the increase in Internet Business, more people Work From Home and it may no longer be the case that the folk who were considered to be a bit geeky are still considered in this light. Individuals with Online Jobs, who are able to make a good living in this new and growing industry may be those whose genes we would like to have in the years to come.

Sometimes people will try and force evolution in a certain direction – think Adolf Hitler and his wish for a superior race, how he was prepared to kill anybody who he decided was inferior, mainly based on colour and religion – however, the significant changes are those which occur naturally. Therefore, the progression into Online Jobs through the Internet Business, giving the option to Work From Home are more likely to have a lasting effect.

To sit at a pc, alone, does not take the normal social skills associated with human beings, we evolved as we did because of our very need and requirement to be social animals. What, therefore could change within our evolution route if it is no longer necessary to be perfectly turned out, attractive and communicative? Will we be able to endure as a species if we no longer need each other in order to fulfil our daily needs and requirements? Will we make way for this change in our natural behaviour and be happy to converse over the internet, even when we are sat in the same room as the individual with whom we are having the communication?

I like to think that the increase in Internet Business has given us liberty to make choices. Do we like to go out to work, or would we rather Work From Home? Do we wish to spend hours shopping in the busy streets, or do we prefer a quick purchase from a web based shop?

It could be this is just another tiny step in our evolution. Medicine made huge leaps in being able to assist weaker members of the species to function much more freely in our society and perhaps the internet growth will be just another such move. It would unquestionably be interesting to know how this will change the pattern of human lives over the next few thousand years. Perhaps it will just be a very small blip which will not make any significant difference, but then again it could well be the dawn of a whole new era.

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