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October 22nd, 2009

The digital media revolution has had many knock on effects to the way we perceive ourselves. It has made many feel the Art of photography is something you can purchase and not skill you must learn. This is the most blatantly visible in the amount of self-proclaimed imaging ‘Professionals’ out there living among us. That’s right boys and girls I am talking about the surge in people parading around as photographers, in particular, Wedding Photographers. Cornwell Wedding Photographers are being hit harder than most. Competition in this sector has quadrupled, and then some. It seems the only area left making good money out of this phenomenon are the camera companies and educators. The Colleges and Universities are all cashing. Offering courses in professions knowing full well there is grotesque excess in skill verse demand. So lets ask ourselves, where will this end up.

Some of the Problems.

  • Cheap Digital Cameras
  • Too Many Photographers
  • Lack of Lighting Knowledge
  • Lack of Professional Skills

Experience says, when there’s a flood of water, that’s say, heading toward your house. There is very little shouting and waving your opinions at it will do. Better to get out of it’s way, or if you are the owner of a pair of impressive balls, grab your surfboard and try your luck in front of it. Of course this analogy is a thin attempt at portraying the futile efforts of combating the tide of blaggers offering photography at a commercially unviable price. If you are a Wedding photographer in Cornwell and you are reading this, wondering what exactly is the best plan of attack. Time to study up and look for a new profession. It’s game over! Or is it? I guess you can either get out of the way by distancing your services from that of the chancre or just do what they are doing, only faster, better, more ruthlessly staying one step ahead.

Hopefully as time goes by the consumer will be astute enough to notice the difference between the work of a Professional Wedding Photographer and the work of The Grooms Brother, and his lavish love affair with the Photoshop filter tool palette. Either way, It’s a very interesting time and I suspect that in classrooms of the future there will be historians pointing at graphs noting this decade as a turning point for the way we understand imaging and it’s professionals and their services. Saying this, if you really are a practicing Cornwall Wedding Photographer, I do suggest you baton down the hatches.

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