Career Chances As A Games Tester: The Ultimate Position For Geeks

April 29th, 2010

So you spend a lot of time playing computer and video games? So do I. From when I was a child, I have enjoyed games, starting on my dad’s Amiga system with games recorded on floppy disks. From there I advanced onto the Sega Mega Drive (or Genesis for the US) and since then I’ve been addicted. Most of my free time was spent playing games and I had always dreamed of finding Careers creating games. As time passed by that dream faded, regrettably I realised I wasn’t going to accomplish this goal, creating games requires a lot of mathematical work, and although I was top grades at math, I didn’t particularly enjoy it. So I don’t make games, but still play them religiously but there are still Career Choices accessible to me that allow me to take my obsession further, and that is games testing.

Any person who doesn’t play games may think Careers as a games tester is silly, or not feasible. Truth is though, games testing is a really important part of games development and quality assurance and for anyone with an enthusiasm for gaming and hunting for New Careers, this option is perfect as there are no formal qualifications required. Standard qualifications such as GCSE or A-Level are fine, the important skills that are needed are things like an eye for detail and good communication skills. Although the pay can often be rather low for these Careers, the job itself can be a very satisfying experience and for those with the necessary skills, the job may offer new Career Choices by progressing within the studio and development team.

If you’re interested in searching for New Careers in games testing, you may be wondering what exactly is involved. From what has been mentioned so far, it’s surely a dream career for geeks. Rest assured, it’s not all fun and games and there is loads of challenging work involved. Of course, the job starts with you having to play through a given game, now keep in mind here, the game is not of your picking, sometimes you will be asked to test games of genres you would not normally play, it all depends on what the studio is currently developing. You will be asked to play the game over numerous times, usually for many hours of the day. Your objective here is to pick up any flaws and bugs in the game and then write a detailed report of the issue, how you found the issue, details of replicating the issue and the frequency of occurrence. You are also tasked with ensuring the game plays OK, and point out any tweaks that can be made, after all, the developers may intend the game to be played one way, but actual customers may go about it differently.

Games testing certainly isn’t a walk in the park, deadlines are strict and playing the same game over and over can get a bit tiring, particularly if it’s of a genre you usually wouldn’t play. That being said, as far as Career Choices go, you couldn’t ask for anything more suited as a gamer. There are special websites setup to help people get into Careers in games creation and testing, so check them out if you’re interested.

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