Becoming An Image Consultant

October 10th, 2009

The way that other people see you is sometimes called an image and the way that they do see you often times has an affect on whether or not they hire you or even how they may treat you. Not everyone has a sense of fashion or knows how to project a good image and this is why you may want to consider hiring an image consultant. Knowing how to put forth a savoir-faire image is their business and it may very well change the way people look at you or your business.

Image, in today’s visually conscious environment, is everything and those who are out of step may quickly find themselves being left behind. Perhaps that is one reason why hiring professional consultants has become so popular. Of course, people and businesses realize that image is not just a matter of fashion or personal appearance alone. Impressions are formed on how someone speaks, including grammar and vocabulary, non-verbal cues such as posture and eye contact and even etiquette, which may include table manners or how a cell phone call in the middle of a meeting is handled.

Additionally, if you have your heart set on joining the ranks of beauty consultants, then start small, perhaps with friends and relatives. Be sure to take several before and after pictures so that you will have them to put in your portfolio to show prospective clients. You also should start establishing professional contacts with hair stylists, makeup artists and even personal training consultants, so when their services are needed you will be ready.

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