Basic and Simple Tips To Learn Spanish Language

January 25th, 2009

Spanish or Castilian is an Indo-European, Romance language that originated in northern Spain, and gradually spread in the Kingdom of Castile and evolved into the principal language of government and trade. It was taken to Africa, the Americas, and Asia Pacific with the expansion of the Spanish Empire between the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Today, between 322 and 400 million people speak Spanish as a native language, making it the world’s second or third most-spoken language by native speakers, depending on the sources.

Use the two column memory technique. Learning Spanish vocabulary is obviously an important aspect of your studying. Buy yourself a notebook and draw up a list of ten Spanish words with their English translations side by side. Tear out the page and take it with you. When you have five minutes free in your day, take out the list and cover each side. Challenge yourself to recite the translations and repeat until you’ve memorised each word. Remember, several five minute studying sessions will work much better than one thirty minute cram.

Familiarity breeds success. Your brain is much more likely to soak up information when you’re studying in a familiar environment with as little outside distraction as possible. It’s not that studying on the train or in a packed airport is going to have an adverse effect, but if you have the chance, study where you’re comfortable. Maybe it’s in your favourite chair, in bed before you go to sleep or on a deck chair in the summer sun. Find the best place to focus your mind.

Seek out the best advice online. The fact that you’ve found your way to Know Your Spanish suggests that you’re already aware of the existing opportunities to learn a language online. But are you aware of just how many opportunities there are? You’ll find blogs, information archives and learning resources by the plenty. Why not start by visiting our sister site blog, Master a Language?

Join a Spanish learning community. To build on what we’ve already said about learning Spanish with a friend, there may be some cases where it’s simply not possible. The next best thing is to search out one of the many Spanish learning forums online, register an account and mix with people in a similar position to yourself. Online communities are brilliant for getting an answer to a nagging question, testing out your vocabulary or establishing the best learning methods. Don’t carry the burden of learning on your own! Do you need more information and solution for your problem? then go for review rocket spanish program and learn spanish online directory you will be not disappoint.

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