Attire For Job Interview

May 24th, 2010

As we all know the attire can kill or fix an impression because it is the first impression that counts. The interviewer s first judgement would be based on your smart appearance. It is important that you dress in the best attire you are comfortable in to present yourself at an interview. Don’t be shy to get a second opinion about your choice of attire from someone you know for it will help to look good at your best. You need to keep in mind that this is not a fashion competition instead a place where you need to market your skills and noesis to stand out in the crowd.

Remember that apart from the look good factor, personal hygiene is a very common factor associated with attire. In addition cleanliness would also reflect on your personality. Incessantly make sure that you choose your job interview attire the night ahead as well as try fitting them on e.g. some attires would have looked good few months ago but when wearing them now may not necessarily give you the satisfaction. Avoid using deep and aromatic perfumes or scents as this may put off some people, it s advisable to stick to something very gentle.

Your hands and feet too are important part as this may easily attract the interviewer for instance if your wear bright red nail polish which may not seem quite professional in a place of work. Wear fresh socks and make sure that you smoothen your shoes as these small things attract a lot of attention. For guys, it is important to tuck in the shirts properly.

Job Interview Attire for Women

Use office colored clothing such as navy blue or grey
Skirts should be worn in a way that you can sit comfortableHair should be worn in a professional style
Properly trimmed nails
Moderate jewelry to suit a professional image
Moderate use of cosmetics and fragrances

Attire For A Job Interview for Servicemen

Official colors to be chosen for e.g. navy blue, black or grey
Shirt should be long sleeves and should coordinate with the suitBelts should not be fancy or eye catching ones
A neatly knotted tie
Socks should be clean and dark
Shoes should be leather and polished
Hairstyle should maintain professionalism and avoid using too much gel
Clean or mild shaven
cleanliness of finger nails
Jewelry should be limited without going into much detail

Invariably keep in mind the job interview costume should match your personality and involves to bring out the fullest in you on your D-Day.

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