Advice on Approaches to Land an Executive Job

April 14th, 2009

When you begin any career, you normally do not envision yourself staying at the same job for the rest of your life – a stark contrast from earlier generations.

Naturally you foresee yourself advancing in your career or company. Almost everyone strives for career advancement at some point because people want to see their hard work pay off both in more desirable positions and higher salaries.

Looking for Opportunities

Some people, though, no matter how hard they work, never seem to experience positive career movement. The cause isn’t necessarily because they aren’t qualified; rather, they are more likely unsure of how to advance their career to an executive position.

Most think they need to go elsewhere, though sometimes this is true. People at times need to leave their current company when they’ve reached a “professional ceiling” or if there is more opportunity elsewhere.

Being considered for an executive job is certainly not as simple as submitting a full resume of experience and accomplishments. There will be hundreds of qualified candidates; however, it is the ability to work and excel above and beyond other candidates that will help land you an executive position.

You need to first exert the effort to perform an extensive search concerning the types of executive positions available and their requirements. If you are not qualified, your search may need to at least temporarily end there because you do need to have the skills needed.

After Locking Down an Interview

If, on the other hand, you are indeed qualified, following are some tips for you to embrace once you have secured that important interview.

One of the most important aspects of interviewing for an executive position is to make a great first impression. Dress perfectly, speak articulately, and make sure you have keen eye contact and presence.

No one wants to hire a candidate whose appearance or demeanor says “unprofessional,” so make sure you stand tall above the others by literally standing tall and introducing yourself with a great handshake.

When you speak about your present job, do your best to speak highly of it without dishonesty, while also making it clear you are looking to move up in your career.

Show the interviewer you are an expert at what you do by providing verifiable examples of what previous accomplishments that may relate to your new job. Lastly, come with an inner confidence in your abilities to do a great job for them. Confidence can cover a multitude of limitations!

In addition to how you appear on paper, do your best to ensure you show the prospective employer how great you are in person.

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