Adding Your Responsibilities To Your CV

July 14th, 2009

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A blank page is very intimidating for anyone, especially if you have never written a CV.Speaking to someone face to face and telling them what you have done and what you currently do is so much easier than thoroughly but concisely writing them all down in order to impress potential employers.First things first, consider what type of jobs you are applying for.Your qualifications, achievements, past experience and career objectives all have a role to play when convincing a potential employer that you are the best person for the job they have to offer. Therefore you need to include as much detail as possible whilst bearing in mind the skills and requirements involved in the job you are applying for.

When detailing your working experience consider and emphasise the responsibilities which most relate to the job you are applying for.Using key words to describe your experience and responsibilities is very important. If you have a copy of the job advertisement or specification, look at what responsibilities or skills are involved and compare these to your own working experience. Then look at specific terms in the specification which directly relate to the experience you have.Recruiters use your CV as a way of getting to know as much about you in as shorter space of time as possible. Using key words gives them the details they need without your CV coming across as too repetitive or too vague.

It is wise to choose your words carefully, you do not want to sound as if you were responsible for an entire project if you were only communicating the project to co-workers.

Normally the first job that you list on your CV, is your current job, so be sure to use the present tense when listing the responsibilities of that position, since you still maintain that position.

Having a wide range of experience can be a great thing but it can also be very difficult to summarise in a CV without hiding away the most relevant responsibilities with all of the other responsibilities you have undertaken. Therefore it is advisable to think about detailing the most specific and relevant responsibilities in relation to the job you are applying for.For example, if you are looking for jobs which focus on customer service, detail your experience in this area first before adding any less relevant experience. This will immediately show recruiters that you have experience in the area they are looking for.

In terms of formatting, make sure that your responsibilities are listed in bullet points as this formatting is preferred to paragraphs on a resume because it is easier to review quickly.Seldom do employers read the entire curriculum vitae, they normally scan and look for key words, hence it is extremely important to ensure that your resume does not overwhelm them or is poorly put together.It is important that your resume is done correctly, the two common mistakes are errors and formatting.

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