A Short History Of Ways In Which The Lack Of Development Of UK Transport Systems Has Led To The Recent Move Towards Preferring To Work From Home.

April 7th, 2010

The majority of people long to be offered the chance to Work From Home either for their current employer or by becoming self-employed. Clearly, there are sometimes some understandable barriers to this but these are reducing in number as modern work practices evolve. Lots of firms now advertise themselves as an Internet Business or offer the capability to operate online. It is apparent that online businesses might be able to offer some Online Jobs and this will possibly increase as technology improves.

From the earliest times man has always had a requirement to work. For the first caveman this work was all about avoiding death and consisted mainly of creating a safe dwelling and providing food for himself and his family. One could say this was the original Work From Home situation as any travelling would only be to look for or build a new dwelling, either in a better location or more adjacent to sources of food.

The arrival of the wheel began to change the world for ever. Unsurprisingly, many people would view the wheel as the most important invention ever due to the influence it has had on every aspect of human life. The facility to convey people and goods quickly has revolutionised the world throughout the generations since the wheel was first used around 3500BC. It is widely accepted that commerce benefitted greatly from the advent of new modes of transport that could deliver goods to larger areas of the country. Modes of transport and the commercial sector have advanced together over the years. The arrival and speedy development of rail travel in the early 19th century and air travel in the 20th century gave industry a gigantic boost.

As businesses matured and grew they needed more employees to meet the growing demand for their products. Luckily, the growth in the range of modes of transport helped to solve this potential dilemma as employees were able to travel longer distances to go to work due to the implementation of public transport systems using trains, trams and buses and by using their own vehicles. In the last fifty years the increase in the rate of car ownership also demonstrates how mobile people have become. In 1961 less than one third of households had access to a car but by 2009 this figure had risen to 75%.

The amount of people in work in the UK stood at 29.5m in January 2010. As a result, this newly mobile workforce is now experiencing problems as it attempts to go to work every day. Insufficient investment by successive governments and private companies has caused an inadequate public transport system in the UK with packed trains and underground services. In addition, a congested road network requiring major improvement, a raft of anti-car measures such as the congestion charge in London and constant increases in fuel duty have caused many car-owners to reconsider the merit of owning or using their vehicles.

To escape from this travel nightmare, many workers would rather Work From Home and are beginning to wonder whether their jobs could become Online Jobs. It should not be difficult for any director of an Internet Business who is utilising modern technology to control their business to adapt that technology to enable some employees to carry out some, if not all, of their Work From Home.

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